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spring chances could be soaking rains. it will be dry and cooler next weekend. >> the terps have had their share of controversy. today would be another dilemma. >> head coach randy made a surprise move today. more on the new quarterback controversy coming up in sports. >> it is time for a america's #1 jackpot game. we start off at $74.1 million. let's get to it. 35, 3, 37, 27, 45. your powerballis 31. >> if there was one thing you could count on was the play of quarterback danny o'brien. he was replaced in the second half by cj brown creating a controversy no one expected. the terps faced georgia tech today. great effort on this one. smith bricks a tackle, he finds the and son. the jackets to a 14-3 lead. danny o'brien had a tough day. danny is picked off. the six interception this season. he is upset, and this will make him feel worse. brown ignited the offense with his legs. here is a c.j. calling his own number. he is gone. 78 yards for the touchdown. the terps are back in it 21-10. the two-point conversion was no good. it is 21-16. the terps got the ball back but could not do any
. what a new face at the quarterback position help the terps to a quarterback win terps to a quabig!back win big. big, big. big big big big? big big big big big. big big...big. ♪ big big big -big. -big! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ big big big -big big. -big! -big -big! -♪ big -big. -big big big. big big big. big big big. small. big big big big. small! [ male announcer ] the space-saving, eco-friendly, totally unique smart. unbig. uncar. ♪ >>> the terps started out looking pretty good? >> it was a great game. and this shows the terps can play with the big boys. clemson came into college park tonight ranked number 8 in the country and possibly the hot test team in college football. at 6-0 with wins over florida state and virginia tech. many were already looking forward to the matchup in two weeks against the only other unbeaten team in the acc, virginia tech. it wasn't the unveiling of a new uniform, it was the coming out party for the newest big man on campus. the big man, making his first career start at quarterback for maryland. terps up 14-10 at third and goal. brown finds a
home in oakland. he was 82 years old. >>> college football, tough day for the terps against georgia tech. andrew ganella suffered a compound fracture in his leg. that's according to the "washington times." also, starting quarterback daniel bryan was benched. yellow jacket fans buzz. terrapins playing their first road game of the season. 7-3 georgia tech. terps having trouble making tackles. smith gets in for the touchdown. yellow jackets 14-3 lead. right to georgia tech's neely. ramsey edsell decides to bench o'brien. terps down 21-3. what can brown do for you. here's what brown can do for you. keeps himself racing down the sideline. the sophomore from pennsylvania goes 77 yards for the td. longest play from scrimmage for the terps all season. maryland down 11. less than three minutes to play. need a first down to keep the drive alive. it's overthrown. that's it. number 13 georgia tech defeats maryland 21-16. improving to 6-0. the terps fall to 2-3. next week they play host to unbeaten clemson. quarterback logan thomas. throws a perfect pass to jarrett boykin. in stride. 60-yard tou
. >> terps weren't that good today, but we love the snow. >> ready to go skiing. >> not everyone could take this snow day off. there was plenty of cleaning up to do at the snow mountain rest area off route 70. >> secondary roads were pretty rough. 70 they have cleaned up pretty good. >> with their freeze warning in effect until sunday morning, the worst still may be to come. >> that freeze warning goes into effect at midnight and will last until 9:00 a.m. sunday morning. in germantown, audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> in virginia, this actually turned into an all out winter storm for some folks who found themselves without power. a lot ended up at home depot. leesburg got a little over an inch of snow that started at 7:00 this morning. turning what should have been a fall day into a winter weather event. in maryland now, an arrest in the murder of a howard county college student. and police say there may be one person left to be caught. 24-year-old alonzo guyton was shot to death. police say there were two different shell casings found at the scene. dc police found guns that matched those
agree. how about that one. terps showing there's still a lot of maryland pride in college park. downfield on their first drive, operating here in the red zone, o'brien hands off to d.j. adams. 15 yards into the end zone. the first td townsend's given up in the first half all year. 7-0. third quarter now, terps up 7-3. throws it, right into the terps' hands. kenny tate with the interception. the senior captain returned it ten yards to the tigers' 45. punching it in. the freshman, taking it from five yards out for his first career td. the terps are leading 21-3 right now in the fourth quarter. >>> hosting idaho today. uva knocking on the doorstep, first and goal, perry jones takes it outside, punches it in from ten yards out. next virginia possession, here we come back downfield. and they go to jones. this time it's with the swing pass. puts uv up 14-0. cavaliers leading this one 14-6. that one also still going in the fourth. >>> the last day of the major league baseball game of the season, we could be treated to one heck of a postseason. brewers hosting the diamondbacks. top fir
. terps in tallahassee, where they get crushed by the seminoles, wasn't as bad as what happened to cj brown. third quarter, terps down 17-3, brown runs up the middle, and boom! helmet-to-helmet. take another look and listen. oh, my. personal foul on braddom. fortunately, brown would pass all the tests by the team's medical staff. daniel brian would take over later in the quarter. brian keeps it on the option and scores from five yards out. maryland cuts the lead to 14, coach edsel said next week's start will be a game-time decision. freshman freeman blows by the terps defense, 41-yard touchdown. florida state beats maryland 41-16, the terps have lost three in a row. in blacksburg, homecoming for virginia tech. third quarter, hokies trail by one. the pitch to david wilson, he's a speedy fellow. you can't stop wilson, dives in for a 42-yard touchdown, finished with 134 yards rushing. very next possession, thomas throws up for marcus davis, and he hauls it in for a 20-yard score, number 12 virginia tech defeats boston college 30-14. hokies improve to 7-1. >>> let's go to charlottesville,
been... and always will be a smart investment. at&t. >>> i want to blame this on the snow, the terps just weren't ready. >> no, you can't do that unfortunately. >> no? >> you can't blame it. it looked a lot like christmas in college park today. but it wasn't very merry for maryland, instead it was miserable. coach randy edsel and the terps have lost four in a row. conditions were so bad, could you get a lower level ticket on stubhub for a penny. first quarter, maryland down 7-3, tipped in the air, and picked off by shawn sylvia, who returned it 18 yards, take another look here. the pass is batted into the air by max holliway, and sylvia comes down with it, brown's third interception of the year, he would be pulled in the second quarter. two plays later, after the int, bc cashes in. 21-yard score, eagles up 14-3. they would lead at half time. fourth quarter, same score. on third and 11, check it out here, avoids the sack. improvisation, then on the run, a perfect pass to adrian. 55-yard touchdown, terps cut the deficit to 11. boston college shuts the door, finch punches it in for thre
to score. terps struggle, but do win 23- 3. howard beat savanna state 34- 14, ending a 29 game conference losing, so congratulations to the bison and the terps. >>> the tigers hadn't beat the hokies since 1989. mike off to the races, 31 yards to the final touchdown. virginia tech had 0 touchdowns. clemson wins easily 23-3. a gatorade shower for sweeney. how about that? drama in charlottesville. for mike london's cavaliers hosting idaho. the first meeting between these two schools. we go to overtime. a call by the vandals, but it falls incomplete. how about the game of the week, that's where navy was hosting airport. final seconds of regulation, navy down by 8. 3rd and goal,
clemson and the terps. c.j. getting the start over danny o'brien. terps leading 28-10. third quarter, brown showing he can throw as well. hits his big tight end. firtenberg finds the end zone. 1-3 t.d. passes for c.j. here in the fourth, clemson takes the lead at 42-38. the terps wouldn't role over. to the corner. the end zone. the terps retake the lead. the coaching staff makes a critical mistake. they kick it to clemson's dangerous return man. this return is his third t.d. of the game. 89 yards for the go-ahead score. clemson beats maryland 56-45 despite 162 rushing yards on terps -- on the terp's quarterback. i'm greg toland, have a great day. >> we hate to lose to clemson. >> not good. >> ladies packed m&t stadium for a night dedicated to lady ravens fans. right, jen? >> ray rice capped that fun-filled event. >> it is the biggest event of the year for lady ravens fans who for one night take over m&t stadium for a purple evening. >> we are having a ball. >> it is my first time coming here. i'm so excited. the weather is fabulous. i'm looking forward to kicking a field goal out the
. it was the home opener for the ca caps. could they make it 10? and the terps on the road for the first time, did they escape atlanta with a win? the nfl loses a pioneer today. those and more coming up in sports. [drum] [male announcer] he was there when his country needed him and we'll be there when he needs his country. join us and send your message of support to our wounded warriors at the uso. until every one comes home. >>> we've been good, but not good enough to bring home the cup. >> they've been good, but the playoffs four years in a row. the guys seem confident this season. the capitals in the locker room say this is their year. so it better be or else fans are really going to be frustrated. the road to the stanley cup began tonight for the capitals in front of their 107th straight sellout crowd. the matchup that has been closed and tonight was no different. first, caps raising the division championship banner from last season, caps are down 1-0 in the 2nd, but john carlson hits the break away goal. 1-1, tied game. jason races in, sneaks it past brian, caps up 2-1. in the third
? find out what is getting one of the new guys riled up. >>> plus terps hit the road, face a very tough task tomorrow. those and more coming up next in sports. for a great vacation you can't beat mississippi. sure you can, it's called louisiana. hang on, florida's where folk's want to be. that's only until they get a taste of alabama hospitality. we can't agree on which state's best, but we can agree on one thing, wherever you vacation in the gulf, you'll have a great time. great seafood, beautiful beaches and fun for the whole family. we've got intimate bed and breakfast right on the water. cafe's with views of the gulf. go blue water fishing, ride a kayak, or just enjoy the world's best weather and soak up the world's best sun. we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. and we are 100% open for business. you mean 100% open for fun. here in the best part of the gulf. louisiana, florida, alabama, mississippi. this could go on for a while. many >>> the capitals open their regular season tomorrow night at the verizon center and the new goalie let everyone know today that he wasn'
there about 9:30. and then in the afternoon we have the terps, the virginia gold cup. it's going to be great. a bit cool. highs near 70. winds out of the southwest at ten to about 20. look at the zone forecast. the autumn glory festival is going on in oakland, maryland. they're peek color right now. if you go across the divide, you have to dress for it. 52 tomorrow and lows in the 30. upper 50s in cumberland. in the 60s, though, in hagerstown, martinsburg in winchester. 71 in culpeper. 68 see how that's on top of the city name. do you know what we call that? that's a software upgrade. [ laughing ] >> 68 in leesburg and 68 in manassas. it's driving ufs crazy. downtown 69. 70 by the water. 70 as you head down into southern maryland. and because of wind, there is say small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac all of saturday. 48-54 to start. windy by noon but temps in the 60s. i mean bright and 68-72 by evening. a little bit cooler than today but still a pretty nice day. the next three days fantastic for the skins game. 74. maybe a few clouds in the afternoon. and then mild on monday. 7
to be blustery and chilly. >> thank you, sue. >>> the red skins, caps, and terps dealing with key injuries. feldy is up next with who is all banged up. p. [ female announcer ] this is trish. trish uses aetna's personal health record to track her kids' immunizations, get lab results, see her family medical history, and when she's at the doctor's office, she uses it to remember what to ask before she leaves. it helps trish keep everyone in her clan healthy. even on the go. see for yourself, ♪ aetna. know more. get better. >> good afternoon. chris cooly held an impromptu press conference today and hopes it's not his last with the redskins. he was placed on the irr list over the weekend and he has a left knee issue that hasn't felt rightens is surgery in january. the doctor recommended he shut it down for the season to afraid -- to avoid permanent damage. the knee has been the lingering problem. and that is because of the lockout. he was notable to use the resources of the factors andtranners and rehabbed himself and has not recovered. he's played five games this season and he said he ha
the series can see it right here on fox 45... a tuff weekend for the clock...- &pterps....maryland played valliantly, but couldn't pull off the upset of 13th ranked that defeat, it ssems the terps now have a quarterbbck co. controversy.. danny o'brien got off to a terrible start...he had completed only oneeof 6 passes and had an interception...andd coach randy edsaal got out the hook, yanking last year's acc rrokie of the yyarrin the second quarter and replacing him with backup cj brown...and brown responded...he had 124 yards on the ground, including brought the terps to within five...edsall won't say who thh starter will be ttis week against clemson.staa tunee. johns hopkins sitting pretty on its bye...5-and-oh.5 games leet on the schedule... no teams ranked..he blue jays enjoying their est ranking... number 16 in one's more proud of theeprogrrm than pead coach jim aluu who enters his 22nd season with a national title on his's more as i gg one-on-one with coach margra. margrrff. . coming up next on sports unlimi. unlimited... iron...devi
guess so. >> it was our coming of age, so they were great. >> i guess so. terps tomorrow. playing football against georgia tech. 13th ranked undefeated. hit the road for the first time. it's going to be a very tough test. can he get his first win against the ranked opponent? plus, the caps hit the ice to open the season and a former national helps keep his new team world series hopes alive. those and more coming >>> randy having a rough go of things his first season at maryland. the terps are 2-2, including an embarrassing loss to temple. plus, they have been plagued by injuries. six of his front seven on defense are hurt and having a profound effect on their ability to stop the run. the terps gave up 285 yards on the ground and this week it doesn't get any easier. they hit the road for the first time this season to face 13th ranked georgia tech. the yellow jackets lead the nation in rushing yardage and are second in total offense. this will be a big test for etzel. >> we are looking forward to the challenge going down. of course ranked first in the nation in rushing offense. the
of the weekend snow. >> terps weren't that good today, but we love the snow. >> ready to go skiing. >> not everyone could take this snow day off. there was plenty of cleaning up to do at the snow mountain rest area off route 70. >> secondary roads were rough. 70 they have cleaned up pretty good. >> with the freeze warning in effect until sunday morning, the worst may still be to come. >> and although that freeze warning for here in montgomery county doesn't go into effect until midnight, you can feel the temperatures starting to drop. could be a long night. now let's check with the conditions in the tysons corner area. that's where my colleague is tonight. >> audrey, my facebook friends are calling the snowtober and it started out to be an autumn snowfall. but as it turns out, it treated parts of northern virginia with a real winter storm. mike just shelled out $800 for a generator. he says that so-called dusting of snow was enough to knock out his power. >> when i heard about it, i said no, it's not going to snow that much. it's pretty heavy and gone some leaves and took some
. >> more on brook. and the terps -- see if they can rectify things in tallahassee. >> what were they wearing? [laughter] >> and doppler showing absolutely no rain in the greater baltimore area. it is cloudy outside right now and we'll look outside. humidity is 60%. the forecast is right >> indycar champion dan wheldon was laid to rest. his funeral in florida. fellow drivers served as pall bearers and judd was a singer at the service. he was killed on sunday in a firey 15-car crash at the las vegas motor speedway. he leaves behind a wife and two small children. >> >> well, we had nice season skies to start the day -- nice sunny skies to start the day. the clouds kept temperatures down, but the good news, there was no rain. current temperatures, downtown, 60 degrees. airport, 56. annapolis, 58. and way out west, they are doing pretty good, too. 50 in frostburg. the rest of the evening, you are going to need a jacket if you are heading out on the town. becoming partly cloudy as the evening goes on. light winds at five miles an hour. 46 to 42 degrees. a frost advisory for some areas
coy from 5- yard out. 3rd quarter now, 23-10, alex smith to former terp veer mon davis. sprang wind chill -- vernon davis. 9ers rally from 29 to shock the eagles 24-23 and rookies coach jim harbaugh leaves the nfc west with a 3-0 run. >>> 1st quarter no score, tony romo, dez bryant, 25 yards for the touchdown, cowboys have a 27-3 lead. 3rd quarter, 27-10 and romo is picked off by chris huston and take it the other way 56 yards for the touchdown, second interception. 27-17, under two minutes. matthew stafford up to calvin johnson. how you going to stop that? 2 yards for the game winning touchdown. cowboys owner jerry jones says hey, tony, tony, get off me. and the lions head coach jim schwartz celebrates a 34-30 come from behind victory. 2nd quarter giants up 6-0. ahmad bradshaw runs it in from 13 yards out. giants take the first lead. 3rd quarter eli manning gets hit and fumbles. darnell dockett recovers at the 4-yard-line and two plays later beanie wells powers it in from a yard out. cardinals built a 20-10 lead. less than two to go, eli manning, the g men come from behind to defeat the
. your sports minute beginning with college football. maryland hosting boston college. terps down 21-3. danny o'brien trying to start a comeback. third and 11. avoids the sack. then on the run a perfect pass to adrian cox. after a failed on-side kick, boston college shuts the door. finch punches it in from three yards out. 243 yards rushing. eagles win their first acc win of the year defeating maryland, 28-17. terps lost four in a row. they fall to 2-6. virginia tech on the road at duke. second quarter, tied at seven. first and goal. josh oglesby gets the pitch. he breaks one tackle, then another, and bulldozes his way in for the touchdown. setting an acc record with their 11 straight road victory. navy taking on notre dame. tommy reece downfield to a wide open michael floyd. 56 yard touchdown. notre dame wins big. navy's worst loss since 2002. midshipmen lost six in a row. redskins play the buffalo bills in toronto. kickoff set for 4:50. that's your sports minute. i'm hakim dermish. have a great day. >> something interesting, i was watching college football yesterday. tons of games
a full slate of college football, including the maryland terps looking to get back on track with towson paying a visit to college park. your sports is next. first up, gwen. >> it's been a cloudy day out there. good football weather if you were somewhere where we had some of this. rain fall. we'll have the details on how long it's going to stick around and what will happen with those temperatures. your full forecast is ahead. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪ [ speaking french ] movie buffs! this film is tres bien, but the interest rate on your checking account is le pew. interest on your checking? earn more with new high yield free checking at capital one bank. your interest rate will be
on the road at ed monday ton on thursday. college football, terps in tallahassee. they get crushed by the seminoles. it wasn't as bad as what happened to c.j. brown. making his second career start at qb for maryland. terps down 17-3. brown runs up the middle. and, boom, helmet-to helmet hit. take another look and listen. >> oh, my. personal foul on bradham. he passes all the tests by the medical staff and was cleared to return. danny o'brien takes over. maryland trails 24-3 on third and goal. o'brien keeps it on the option. scores from five yards out. maryland cuts the lead to 14. coach randy said after the game next week's starting qb will be a game time decision. fourth quarter, florida state in front. 27-10. to freeman. he blows by the terps defense. 41 yard touchdown. florida state defeats maryland, 41-16. the terps have now lost three in a row. blacksburg, homecoming for virginia tech taking on boston  college. third quarter, hokies trail by one. pitches to david wilson. and he's a speedy fellow. races down the sidelines. you can't stop wilson. gives in for a 42 yard score. h
was an assistant wynn 1998. the terps are coming off a sub par performance against towson. coach says his team is taking time to adapt to a new system. >> we've made a lot of progress but again i think when you instill a philosophy, you know, it does take time. it's not one of those things that does happen overnight. we're a lot better now than where we were. >>> in case you were wondering, here's what the terps will be wearing against georgia tech. >>> the cardinals hosting the phillies in game four, and for the second straight night a squirrel runs on the field. a runner on, david freed tees off on roy oswalt. a two-run home run. cards up 5-2. top 9, placido polanco with a flare to right center. look at john jay on his horse to end the game. cards defeat the phils to force a deciding game five friday in philadelphia. >>> tiger woods lend his two- plus-month hiatus from tournament play when he tees it up tomorrow at the frye's open. he is now ranked 5 in the world. >> i just need to play a lot at home, because i hadn't played that much, and i was shut down basicallily from the matches until t
brown over danny. terps shocking the tigers. 28-10. brown hits the tight end. scores. terps lead it 35-17. the tigers come back with 3 touchdowns in the fourth. clemson takes the lead, 42-38. brown to matt thurstonberg. a 32-yard touchdown. but the coaching staff makes a critical mistake. they kick to sammy watkins. 2 receiving touchdowns. this return is his third of the game. 89 yards for the score. clemson beat maryland -- 56-45, despite 162 rushing yards from the new starting quarterback cj brown. navy lost their fourth straight game falling to rutgers, 21 cut- 20. threw a 63eg enders yard touchdown. the tigers shocking old dominion, 39-35. so far so good for the capitals. they stayed on beaten by defeating ottawa tonight. they got all the would need in the first period. on the power play. camping out on the backdoor. less than four minutes later, markets a handsome -- marcus johannsen. the caps win 2-1. the caps are now a perfect 4-90. as we showed you earlier, 25,000 runners in today's marathon. as they made it to the finish line, this guy from kenya captured first place in his fi
. >> oh, so close yet so far away. maryland football has the unintimidated, unranked terps on the road. they were tenacious, especially on special teams. kick return watkins, fumble, terps recover. watch david burst through for a touchdown and they go ahead 21- 10. later brown taking off down the far sidelines. he had 162-yards rushing and 3 scoring passes. 177-yards in the air. he was starting over o'brien before game time. up 28-17 at the half but oh the final score undefeated are now 7-0. rallying from 18 down and they win the game. they win it big. by the final of 56-45. here's navy in new jersey today. a field goal blocked. they win it 21-20. in austin texas today, against the university of texas, the ball on their own 1. drops back out of the end zone. that's a safety -- he threw it away for what he thought was an interception. no interception there. oak state now 6-0. we have a profootball reminder on this saturday evening. we've got the next best thing to being at tomorrow's match up, all of the game action starting at 4:00 p.m. on to the premiere league soccer action of the
the brewers 4-3 and take a 2-1 series lead. >>> college basketball season is just around the corner. the terps open up their regular season in one month. today media day in college park. several new faces on the roster including this guy. the terps have six walk ones. there are a few familiar faces on the the team. so what is the difference between gary williams and mark tergeen? >> he is more calm. but he can be a different person. if he say something once and you don't get it you might run for it or might see a different coach. but that comes with coaching. i respect him a lot. >> wasn't expecting to hear from maryland and when i did it got the juices flowing. i have maryland on my chest and i'm a better coach today because of it. hopefully it will lead to a lot of victories. >> the season kicks off on friday night for midnight madness. [ male announcer ] do you know how you will react when someone changes lanes without warning? or when you're distracted? when you're falling asleep at the wheel? do you know how you'll react? lexus can now precisely test the most unpredictable variable in a c
for the terps but boston college coming to town. b.c. the only team in the acc that's worse than maryland right now. the terps' head coach coy about the starting be quarterback situation it is it brown or o'brien? >> it is a game-time decision. c.j. is fine. danny's fine. we'll go out to practice today and you know they're both going to work with the ones and by the end of the week we'll make a decision as to which way we'll go. >> here we go. time for the hellie pad. west virginia heading to -- from the big east to the big 12. the mountaineers will be accepted into the conference as a replacement for missouri. the tigers expected to join the s.e.c. and the terrapin's soccer team number one in the country. they moved up two spots to claim that pot and. and the football team 7 1/2 point favorites over boston college on saturday. ♪ [ male announcer ] when we unveil the all-new 2012 m-class, we're actually introducing a vehicle built upon 125 years of engineering excellence. which is why, no matter what is happening in the world outside, there is such a sense of complete confidence inside. intro
madness for the terps. the legendary coach gary williams in college park tonight. he led the terps to a national championship in 2002 and a member of the squad welcomed back too. this is a good entrance. up on the scorers table there. and another favorite he is second on the all time scoring list. then check the out chris wilcox with the dunk. a lot of fun tonight. and steve blake fan favorite three pointer. in 2005 the practice was allowed to be moved up to 7:00 so the fans could get home at a regular hour. >>> game five of the national league championship series. the brewers had one too many errors. the cardinals one win away from the world series. bottom 2, st. louis leads 1-0. a liner to third. and hairston makes the catch. a sweet grab. punto -- check him out, almost throws his bat. next pitch gas yeah rips one to third through the legs of hairston. here comes marina. he is in there. greinke not pleased. right through wickets of hairston. show must me the button on the top of your cap there. the cardinals win 7-1 and take a 3-2 series lead. >>> high school football game of the
the player of the week trying to help the terps remain unbeaten. on the attack, towson turns and scores. his team-leading 12 goal of the season game knotted at 1. 84th minute cavaliers on the offensive. the cross. he rips it into the upper 90 and virginia upsets maryland handing the terps their first loss of the season. >>> suitland taking on duvall. suitland up 20-0 kicking off. stanley henry fields it, brings it out and check out the moves here. shimmy shake, breaks a tackle and stanley henry is gone down the sidelines, 1000-yard touchdown but the only td of the game. suit lapd was too much. washington perfect pass to jacobs. jacobs was the player of the game. suitland wins 46-7 improving to 6-0. that was a good game. >>> stlut needs to leave that squirrel alone. >> they have all >>> a running back for the new england patriots is putting his nfl career on hold to serve his country. he has been ordered to report to his navy ship in jacksonville, florida. he made the practice squad after graduating from the naval academy. he requested leave to play football but the navy cites the fact that t
is a big boy and will be a big handful. >>> the terps quarterback cj brown follow the 162-yard rushing performance last week against clemson with the second straight start for maryland. tomorrow, florida state, thirty two 30:00. the big of the -- 3:30. the biggest problem for the terps is the special team, ranking 118th in the nation. and 105th in kickoff return average. the head coach knows that they need to improve to beat florida state tomorrow. >> what it basically goes down to is we just got to get better at what we're doing, you know, the scheme is fine but we have to get everyone to go and do collectively and return people that they have seen mostly saturday. you can't be wrong. if you are, they have that god- given athletic ability and speed to hurt you. >> comem football is on fox 5 -- college football is on fox 5 tomorrow. >> and at 12:30. >>> the capitals won their sixth game in a row to start the season, 6-0-0 and in franchise history. the capitals beat the fliers 5- 2 and thanks in part to the two- goal performance and 40 cents for volkoun. next up, a home game versus the
to start this week as the terps travel to face florida state at 3:30 and one of the major concerns for the team has been the play of special teams. maryland ranked 118th in the nation and 105 athin kickoff return average. the head coach needs to improve tomorrow. >> what it goes down to, we get better at what we doing. the scheme is fine but we have to get everyone to go and do collectively. when you get outstand return people that we have seen, especially saturday, you can't be wrong. if you are, they have that god- given athletic ability and speed to hurt you. >> this saturday, acc football is on fox 5. 4-2 wake forest travels to durham, north carolina, to face 3-3 duke. the kickoff is here on fox the. >>> and to college soccer, number three maryland paying a visit to number two carolina. scores the 12th goal of the season, 1-0 terps. 10 minutes later, uncs martinez scoring on the tk and ties it up. that is how the game ends. a 1-1 draw. >>> and game three of the world series is tomorrow night here on fox 5. kyle loesch takes the mound for the cardinals and matt harrison with the
and schedule doesn't get much easier in the coming weeks. terps hosting clemson, eighth ranked. this is one of those games that the terps have pulled off an upset in the past and feel it is possible once again tomorrow. >>> a couple plays we will be 4-1. couple plays of defense, couple place on special teams, couple plays on offense. no one is happy with it but as long as we can build the steps up, it will be fine. >>> cornerback d'angelo hall has been added as questionable with a knee injury. chris cooley also limited because of his troublesome knee. >>> dc game of the week. edison at stewart. famous from the area. tonight's toyota game night report. >>> fighting in hockey pretty much go hand in hand. guaranteed to see a few punches thrown, a few bloody lips and several penalty minutes on any given night but some players have no business fighting and usually that ends up bad for them. last night the caps and pittsburgh players getting into a scuffle. two shots on the side of the player's head knocked unconscious. look at the gesture afterwards. put him to sleep very un
jeopardy... but not for the terps!basketball is right around the corner for them.the major mistake they've fixed... right before tte season starts. next in sports. ((break 3)) 3 bruce cunnnngham sports. , 3commng up in our 6 o''lock hour... a twist in the story concerning the woman accused of throwwng bleach on another suspecc is reeeiving.
the world of science. >> it looks like the terps have a quarterback controversy. th what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea. i will present your world, at a glance. i will remain untangled and uncomplicated. and let nothing or no one go unnoticed. all from one. all for you. i am the new rhyme by htc. only from verizon. >> if there is one thing randy edsel could count on, it was the play of o'brien. now that is in doubt. o'brien was replaced creating a quarterback controversy no one expected. the terps facing 13th ranked georgia tech yesterday. we start in the second quarter. great effort by orwin smith. smith breaks a tackle. finds the end zone. jackets take a 14-3 lead. danny o'brien had a tough day. he completed just one of his six passes here. danny picked off by neely. the sixth interception thrown by o'brien this season. danny upset scomprks this will make him feel worse. edsel makes the change to quarterback to
the forecast. stay with us. >> i'm greg toland. the terps have a quarterback controversy. >> if there was one thing edsal could count on it was the play of danny o'brien. now he's been replaced by c.j. brown creating a quarterback controversy no one expected. we start in the second quarter. great effort here by smith. able to break the tackle and find the end zone. danny o'brien had a tough day. he completed 1-of 6 passes. the interception thrown by o'brien. danny upset. this will make him feel worse. edsal makes the change to brown. he is gone. 78 yards for the touchdown. terps back in it 21-10. midway to the fourth. the call goes to david meggett. the two-point conversion no good. this seals it for georgia tech. the terps drop to 2-3. to verizon center. caps playing their season opener against the carolina hurricane. under four to play. a minute and a half to go. forcing overtime. caps on the power play. the pass to greene. greene past boucher. capturing the opener. 4-3 in overtime. i'm greg toland. hope you have a great sunday. >> so we have tried kevin's bruss he will sprouts, and they ar
was like, i'm not happy right now. not a good night for terps fans unfortunately. the maryland terrapins came in putting under 23 points a game. that was good enough for last in the acc. it could have been the same situation tonight against sixth ranged clemson, except i don't think either team's defense bothered to show up tonight. brown getting his first career start at quarterback for maryland. terps up 7-3. throws the ball to chisholm. defense a little bit there. he takes it back the other way 46 yards for the score. terps up 11 early. but second quarter, time for the c.j. brown show. he calls his own number, runs 21 yards diving into the end zone for the score. just like that maryland up 18. the tigers needed to win badly, and they played like it in the second half. they scored 39 points, including that 89 on kickoff we were talking about. at sammy watkins, his third score of the game, giving clemson the win, 46-45 overmaryland during -- over maryland during home coming. >>> virginia up 7 first quarter. wide-open for an easy six points, 14-0 uva. game tied at 14 the second. richards
to the world series. >>> plus, a new era in maryland terps basketball. we'll hear from the new head man, mark turgeon. eon. >>> we also want to let you know about our coverage of the mlk memorial dedication. we'll carry the official ceremony at 11:00 a.m. sunday on our sister station, wdca my 20. allison seymour and melanie alnwick will anchor that special for you which will include remarks by president obama and a performance by aretha franklin. that is the mlk memorial dedication ceremony this sunday on my 20678 we'll stream the coverage on also. grgrands! biscuits in the morng we'll be right back. op 'em in.. then go about your business... and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. grands! warm ideas made easy. ♪ start your morning a whole new way! ♪ ♪ pillsbury grands! biscuits ♪ filled with breakfast ingredients ♪ ♪ ready in minutes! ♪ you gotta taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury grands! biscuit sandwiches. guys... [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon are a
. he was 82 years old >> college football now. tough day for the terps against georgia tech. maryland senior offensive lineman ganella suffered a compound fracture in his leg, according to the washington times. also, starting quarterback danny o'brien was benched in atlanta. yellowjacket fans buzzing. terps playing their first road game of the season. second quarter, 7-3, georgia tech, first and goal. goes to smith. terps having trouble making tackles. smith gets in for the touchdown. yellowjackets take a 14-3 lead. o'brien drops back and throws it to neely. his fifth interception in five games. edsell benches o'brien in favor of c.j. brown. what can brown do for you? here's what brown can go. the handoff. races down the sideline. sophomore from pennsylvania goes 77 yards for the touchdown. maryland down 11. less than three minutes to play. terps trail by five. need a first down. brown looking downfield for kerry boykins. and it's overthrown. that's it. number 13 georgia tech defeats maryland 2, 1-16, improving to 6-0. terps fall to 2-3. they play host to unbeaten clemson next week. b
taken over the starting job for the terps. brown got the job in the clemson game this saturday. and he rushed for 162 yards, including that touchdown. brown also threw three touchdown passes in what ended up a terps defeat. now, he's gotten the nod to start again saturday at florida state. and he talked again about taking the job away from danny o'brien. >> you know, danny had a great year last year. and anything can happen. you know? and i'm just fortunate that i was able to make the most of my opportunities at hand. and nothing is guaranteed. and you know, this is just my job for now. and i gotta go out and perform saturday. >> one thing that has to happen is the terps' defense needs to brighten up. despite the play, cj brown lost the play to clemson. maryland plays at florida state, coming up on saturday. >>> in baseball, there on the eve of the start of the world series in st. louis. and the temperatures have fallen for the fall classic. a cool overcast day in st. louis for warmups today. game 1 between the cardinals and texas rangers tomorrow. forecast, temperatures dropping into
cause. we'll tell you how you can be a part of it when we come back. >>> and the terps look to end their three-game losing streak. their three-game losing streak. highlights from a busy day of at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call greater washington, d.c. home. from supporting an organization that helps new citizens find their way... to proudly supporting our washington redskins... and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c., the more we help make opportunity possible. [ female announcer ] having grands! biscis easy.the morning just pop 'em in... then go about your business... and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. grands! warm ideas made easy. ♪ start your morning a whole new way! ♪ ♪ pillsbury grands! biscuits ♪ filled with breakfast ingredients ♪ ♪ ready in minutes! ♪ you gotta taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury grands! biscuit sandwiches. to wa
. the runners are getting ready. >> it is hard to imagine with the new terp has a to say about hearing on the maryland a tradition. >> we have some sun and the picture for the weekend. details just ahead. bge's instant discounts got our homeowner to switch to energy star® cfl bulbs. 3-way cfls really click with my style. learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at >> 11 news reporter is live along the route. >> the beautiful scenery for the runners to borrow as they run the marathon to the city of baltimore. it will be really nice for the rest. about 25,000 people will be participating. it lot of them were registering today at the convention center. >> at the convention center, if you are running, it was a runner's paradise. all kinds of merchandise was for sale for the serious runners per >> these are suspension insoles design for the runner to take them out of a probation position. it puts them into a neutral of linemen so that you don't have any compensation's what you are running. >> this was also the place to register for tomorrow's races. all indicati
and in terps of solar energy one thing they haven't cracked where they should put research money is storage. stipes the sun doesn't come through. until they do, it is a huge waste of the money. >> kim, what gets me, it is bad enough to waste tax dollars on u.s. companies, but we are spending billions on a spanish company that got 130 mill 81 for a bioinjury project this week after solyndra. and the spanish government cut it off. and the u.s. is bailing out one of our companies. why are we spending money on foreign companies like this? >> we are spending half a on depending oil asets over seas. what is that to help us be a more injury. >> it is billion and frankly a few hundred million. >> it is better than spending oilassets over seas and giving money to countries that hate us. let's be energy independent. >> why is it a choice between two bad options. cut off the one that you know is not working? >> right, the problem is, these were such great ideas. if solar was just around the corner to be cost competitive which it is not, you would see private investors flooding the market without gover
success doing that. hopefully, it will be us. >> you have to wonder what the terps were thinking. you are supposed to schedule an easy opponent on homecoming. the homecoming crowd will be anxious to see who will start as quarterback. it has been a rough season for danny o'brien. last week, he threw his sixth interception in five games. his fellow sophomore came in with the long touchdown run. the head coach would not say who would start tonight. we will find out when the two teams take the field. kickoff is at 7:00. the navy football team was put to the test today. they have lost three straight going into the game against rutgers. it is their longest losing streak in nine years. that streak is now at four games. they lost 21-20. the fall to two and four on the season. loyola is facing top-ranked gilman. cyrus jones gets the handoff and takes it in. before the half, loyola strikes back. jake price gives a touchdown for 17-7. price is picked off. micah is pumped. can this is going to the end zone. -- kenneth is going to the end zone. the final score is 24-14. completing a marathon is in
. justice goes right up the middle. that made it 14-3. the terps have added another touchdown. 21-3. it looks like they will hang on against the tigers. the maryland million has top- quality course. the biggest race of the day is the million classic. too fast to catch is in front. he lives up to the name. the odds on favorite at 7 to 5 is the winner today. the game when the cardinals and phillies is underway. -- the game between the cardinals and phillies is underway. they are in the fifth. the cardinals have the lead. let's talk about the diamondbacks and the brewers. he is taking care of justin. chris young is the next batter. that is a filthy hook. bottom six. they won the game 4-1. 11 news continues after this. >> tonight at 11:00, maryland is cracking down on texting and driving. we will hear from the family whose story helped to change the law. that story and >> it will be a cool rainy night tonight. tomorrow the high will be 63. there could be some stray showers during the game tomorrow. >> thank you for joining us. >> this is an editorial from president and general manager may make of that what you will to the college surpriss here,,but terps coach randy edsall says cj brown will remain his starting quarterback this week against plorida statethis after brown rushed for 162 yards in last weee's near upset of plemson...that's a maryland record for a quarterback...and it alsoomeans danny o'brien, the retuirning startee andd last year's acc rookie of the yyar, will remain on the bench...he had started 15 games in a row prior to being pullee two weeks agooagainst georgia tech more from the ravees from morgan adsit...thaa';s tonight &pon sports unlimited... --toss to vytas-- vytas-- p3 3 3 the.../ saint louis cardinals.../ p have... some... .áá asáá... - they head... into the world series. kelly.../ la sheen... is... a diihard baaeball fan...//.ááshe'sáá... sheen... is... a diihard baaeball fan...//.ááshe'sáá... & her three kids.../ on ears ../ the cardinals... played.../ in... the world series.../.áátheáá latest, .../ little emily.../ was... welcomed.../ into... the world august..
terps, towwon unvvrsiiy if still getting plenty of love nationally ranked...rob ambrosees tigerr are #255in this weeks fcs 3-1, towson has outscoreddthe oppositioo 118-58...they'll play richmond sattyrday...and down charles street, johns hopkins has risen to nnmber 11 in the diiision 3 national from a week 5-0, the - blue jays, like the ravens are enjoying a week off.... 3&we'll haveemore from the ravvns...the latest from the baseball playoffs, and our prep plaaer of the's pnnimited, tonignt at 10:50 aad 11:30 --toss to vyyas-- vytas-- &p3 3 3 3 3 she says shh may not have speed, but she has the endurance. enduranne. horn"d of horn" jeannine julson .../ is... a breat cancer survivor... and... a season mmrathon... runner.../ . áátoáá celebrate... her birthday.../ she hit... the pavement... for her &p.../ 53--rd parathonn...// áásheáá... may not... be the &pfrrot--runner...// á butáá her lovee.. for running.. keeps her going. ((ttke sot))i decidedd i seen people in t
drizell. the terps are bringing back some of their older players. they will scrimmage this year's team. and the new head coach is excited about the tradition. >> i have been on the phone a lot with lefty and talking with gary. it is pretty exciting to be where it all started. i would rather create a buzz in january or february. >>> at georgetown, john thompson iii is gearing up for life after chris wright and austin freeman. they are gone. the hoyas had the 13th best recruiting class in the country and still have senior jason clark. >> we have a young team with great talent. we have to go out every night knowing that we have nothing to lose. we're the underdog. but being the underdog can be great sometimes. >>> college basketball starts tonight. the talk around the water cooler is the cap's victory over the penguins. at it was a physical game. this fight stoked the rivalry. beagle is ok, and asham apologized for putting his hands together. the capitals got the last laugh and overtime. bingo, pack the bags, gets on the bus 3-2 victory. the capitals and penguins play again december 1. >
for the annual t classic. the coaches were there. is chomping at the to showcase the terps. >> could individual work sessions, conditioning. looking forward to coaching them. the naval academy this afternoon. navy plays southern mississippi this weekend. the leading rusher on the team suspended, not because of breaking rules, but because after way that he acted air force. they are held to a higher the naval academy. ♪ [ kingrey ] we all have a different journey, we're all searching for a different thing. even if we're all trying to get to the same end point, the journey is for different reasons. [ surfer ] a friend of mine, he found this wave. you know, that really got me going. i just started searching after that, and i want to try and find a better wave than that. [ student ] the first person to pitch a perfect game would win a million dollars. i knew as much as hitting a homerun would get you a point. [ caroline ] i'm 16 years old. i'm what they call a supernova hunter. [ dad ] a friend of ours called up, an bhe broke the news to her that she became the youngest person ever to discover a s
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